Newsletter - Issue 19:

Samantha Elkin

"The first lesson I received from my first student was from an inmate who wrote:

"I have a lot going on and in time I'd like to share a lot of things with you but not now. I am doing this because I really like this course. Maybe in the next letter I'll tell you my life story.


"P.S. I'm only 22."

"When I read the P.S., I burst into tears. Joshua was about the same age as my baby brother.

"I really wanted to help this guy. Thankfully, I knew that by simply grading his Criminon lessons for The Way To Happiness Course and getting into communication with him via letters, I could do more for him than any other program out there.

"Not only that, I could do it from my house and on my own time. What could be easier?

"More recently I received this letter:

"It's impossible to swim out of it without the help of good people like you. Ten years have gone by and left in me the notion of what reality means. As your student or as your friend you will always have my respect. I hope your heart conceives the honesty of my words."

"Need I say more?

"Believe it or not, being a Criminon Supervisor is fun. Watching a criminal reform before your very eyes by his simply reading the Way To Happiness and doing the lessons from the course is a very cool thing. Reading their stories about how they are applying the lessons IN PRISON by getting their cellmate to take a shower or helping a friend with a personal problem is incredible. And getting letters like the ones above is the reward that is the icing on the cake."

- Samantha Elkin, Actress, Criminon Correspondence Supervisor

The Way to Happiness Course

"I Carlos R. Gonzalez have participated in the Criminon course and I have come to find out that it has helped me in everyday situations. Before the course I was the type of person to ask questions later, but now I take my time to analyze the situation and see if it is worth it. I live in prison and I will be here for many years to come and with this course I have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

"The course material has made me a better person. I think I say this because I have come to respect myself more as well as others. I'm not the same angry, hateful person that walked into prison. I owe that to the Criminon course ."

- C.G., CSP Sacramento, CA

The Handling Drugs Course

"In evaluating all the drug information I've ever read, or studied, Criminon's Handling Drugs course is seemingly the most effect in saving your own life and others. Instead of checking into a facility, the course gives you numerous options that are proven effective to use first. Drugs destroy millions of lives daily, but with the type of information the course is offering, we can help and save more lives."

- D. J., Santa Rosa Correctional Facility

The Way to Happiness Course

"The Way to Happiness course has been a very important part of my daily life. Since I started this course I can say with confidence that I became a better more tolerant person. I've used the virtues in my everyday interaction with those I come in contact with.

Enrolling in this program, I must say was one of the most vital decisions I have made thus far since beginning my prison sentence. I was always of the opinion that there must be some other way to deal with matters that affected my life in a negative way, that I was intent on finding out what that could be. For me, Criminon was the missing link. I started this course with some reservation as how I can really use what I am learning to make a difference in how I look at things.

"I would like to believe that as a result of what I've learned, I am now a better person. Completing the course was another milestone for me. I was so eager to finish that I had to redo the final portion of the course. Doing this part over opened my eyes to some new avenues of this program, that I would have otherwise missed if I had not been told that I needed to be more specific as to what the questions are asking me to do. That was the turning point for me and learning how to apply the entire concept of The Way to Happiness course."

- P. D., Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, CA

Communication Tools Course

"Thank you Criminon. Because of your Communication Tools Course I am able to understand communication and its cycles better. Learning effective communication is an important factor in a successful life. Effective communication has so many benefits in life. Your course has helped me understand and use effective communication skills. The drills found in the course are a great practice for improving communication. Thank you again and I am grateful for your course."

- M. S., Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, CA


You can supervise these correspondence courses from your home in an hour or two a week. In addition to changing the life of an inmate (and all the people the current system would send him out to victimize), I guarantee your own life will change! Get briefed further on this by E-mailing Criminon or calling (323) 254-6008.






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