Newsletter - Issue 18:

Marisol Nichols

"Let me tell you, it is one of the most rewarding things to see someone with no future than a life of continued crime, go through Criminon courses and forever change. And these people are desperate for our technology. We have people lining up, waiting. We need supervisors to deliver this life-changing technology to those who are in dire need of it. The demand is real and it is urgent. Word of mouth alone has created this. The successes are real. People do want to be helped. And once you witness someone get a hold of this technology you will understand the term "rehabilitate." Because make no mistake, this is the only program on earth that can do it.

"Once self-respect is truly restored, as it is with Criminon, time and again we witness how the former "Criminal" now only wants to help rehabilitate other inmates. They want their fellow inmates to have the same gains. They want to share it with everybody. Because ultimately what does a being live for? To help others.

"Make no mistake, inmates are asking for help and we are the ones that can help them, so they in turn can help others.

"We can handle criminality on this planet.

"Why do I work for Criminon? Because this is real help. And these are real solutions. I want to help people, and with Criminon, I can.

"So can you. And you will be eternally glad that you did.

"Because Criminon works."

- Marisol Nichols, Actress, Criminon Activist and Correspondence Supervisor

The Way to Happiness Course

"My life's journey is far from complete, but at least I have found more of myself and a solidification of my beliefs in this course. I found I could still smile once in a while."

- S. E., Prison, Texas

Personal Integrity Course Course

"The "Personal Integrity" course gave me a lot of insight on ethics and why people often react to certain situations with anger. It gave me the tools to clear up my own transgressions that I've been holding onto."

- A. G., Linolakes, MN

Learning Skills for Life Course

"Upon completion of the "Learning Skills for Life" course, I am able to utilize its valuable lessons to maintain focus. My willingness to learn is something I look forward to instead of dreading it as before.

"Now I approach challenges of life with very little or no stress. This is very exciting for me. I really wish this course was taught to me while I was at least in Junior High School. Maybe if that had happened not only would I have had it easy while going through difficult times in school but it could have helped me help myself out of some awful situations as well. So I hope that it will be considered to introduce "Learning Skills for Life" to our kids of TODAY."

- F. W., CCWF, California

Understanding and Overcoming Addiction Course

"My main reason for taking this course "Understanding and Overcoming Drug Addiction" are for the purpose of getting a better and overall understanding so that I'm better prepared to help other with their addiction and drug problems.

"My goal is to help young people get off and stay off drugs. As a result from taking this course it has enhanced my understanding of the dangers of drugs and has given me ideas on how to deal with the drug problems. I intend to use one or all of these programs once I'm employed in the field of drug counseling."

- M. S., Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, CA


You can supervise these correspondence courses from your home in an hour or two a week. In addition to changing the life of an inmate (and all the people the current system would send him out to victimize), I guarantee your own life will change! Get briefed further on this by E-mailing Criminon or calling (323) 254-6008.






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