What Officials Have to Say:

With 60 to 80 percent reductions in recidivism rates common among Criminon graduates, the program is taking effective measures to return to our communities not hardened criminals primed to commit further anti-social acts, but truly rehabilitated men and women who are able to contribute to the improvement and productivity of society.

"The success of the program so far has been remarkable and I am very pleased with the results obtained. Since the implementation of the programme the workload of the juvenile court has dropped from 30 cases per month to just two; the rest were successfully diverted away from the criminal justice system."
—Chief Magistrate Moldenhauer, Pretoria Magistrate Court, South Africa


"Current methods employed by the prison system have been utterly ineffective, the upshot of which is the currently high rate of recidivism. The rehabilitative technology employed by Criminon represents the only truly workable means to handle the increasingly burdensome criminal populations."
—Robert F. Henderson, Captain New York , State Department of Correctional Services


"In the prison of Ensenada, with the Criminon program called 'Second Chance™,' we have worked with the most incorrigible and worst prisoners of the entire state. And we have seen them change. With the methods of Mr. Hubbard, they recover their own self-respect. They have converted themselves into productive beings. But not only have they won; also their families and society have won. I am sure that these individuals never again will walk down the dark, lonely road of crime and drugs."
—Francisco Iribe, Former Chief of Police, Mexicali, Mexico






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