Newsletter - Issue 36:


Late breaking News: The government of Indonesia has announced it has based its entire prisoner re-entry program on Criminon. Indonesia is the fourth largest nation by population and the largest Islamic country. Tens of thousands of inmates will benefit.

In addition, we have added over 300 inmates to our correspondence courses at Corcoran State Prison in California. We are now training over 7000 inmates around the world using the Criminon programs.

We need help with the mail correspondence supervision of these men and women at Corcoran. You can do the job of changing someone from a life of crime to a life of values and dreams, via the U.S. Mail. You are never identified to the inmate with your real identity or address. Your name and address are aliases.

We also need help on the handling of the mail at our office in Glendale, CA. so that it gets to the supervisors in a timely manner.

Save a life. This is one of the most gratifying activities you can ever do, and it is just part time. Working with the new home supervisor's Kit, you can effectively help the incarcerated individual regain their self respect and NOT return to a life of crime or back to prison. At least 8 out of 10 never return to prison.

Here is what one inmate said about his experience on this powerful course:

"I have discovered a great deal about myself and how to live. I have cried and laughed to myself while doing this course. With the encouragement and genuine care and concern of my supervisor, Kathie, I have found The Way to Happiness Correspondence Course to be the primary source of my new found self-respect, dignity and hope."

Find out how you too can become a volunteer and have the satisfaction of changing the life of someone who most considered lost and were "thrown away" by society. Please go to the Criminon web-site link above, and the other related web pages to find out how to sign up.

Thanks for all the support this year. We are booming at Criminon.

The Way to Happiness Course

"My story is but brief and to the point. I have rediscovered my ability to withstand long, challenging and enduring trials pertaining to the pursuit of knowledge, that can help better my attitude towards my daily encounters and experiences thanks to the help of The Way to Happiness course."

- I. R., Sacramento State Prison, Repressa, CA

Handling Addiction Course

"My name is Freddie Venegas. I have just complete the Handling Addiction Course. Yes I am a student and will always remain a student.

"Doing this course I have learned much about drugs. The social unrest in the world today the epidemic of drugs and the damage they bring the world and oneself.

"Yes, drugs are a poison and they will take everything one owns; will take your life rich or poor.

"Living a life of sadness and weariness is a hard life to live behind drugs.

"A life on drugs is no life at all but a life without drugs is everything to look forward to and that is happiness and life itself."

- F. V., Corcoran State Prison, CA

The Way to Happiness Course

"The change in my thought process from doing the course The Way to Happiness was and is phenomenal! By simply giving a little effort to apply the virtues, the book has taught me totally how to have a great effect on everyone. I find myself at east. I've been incarcerated most of my life and I'm 30 years old now and wish I would have learned about this course sooner. It probably could have saved a lot of wasted years in the cell. Most of all the course has taught me that it's okay to make my own decisions and think for myself. I recommend this course to everyone."

- T. C., Pelican Bay State Prison, Crescent City, CA


You can supervise these correspondence courses from your home in an hour or two a week. In addition to changing the life of an inmate (and all the people the current system would send him out to victimize), I guarantee your own life will change! Get briefed further on this by E-mailing Criminon or calling (323) 254-6008.






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