Newsletter - Issue 38:

Dr. Goddard

"I have been aware of the Criminon programs since 1994 when I became a teacher with the California Department of Corrections. Since then, I have seen hundreds of inmates participate in the program with very positive results. The program is extremely well laid out, it's effective and packaged in such a way that I can even use it with Secure Housing Unit inmates.

"I believe the Criminon program goes a long way to make a dent in the needs of the inmates that we are attempting to reach."

- Gary Goddard, Ph.D., Supervisor of Correctional Educational Programs California State Prison, Corcoran

The Way to Happiness Course

"Despite the fact that I am confined to the premises of a prison, knowing is the beginning of freedom. I strongly believe since taking The Way to Happiness course, and practicing a positive living within here, is a key to enjoying a happy, healthy life in society. Although I am still the same person (physically and mentally) many patterns of social negative behavior have gone. Now I have a better understanding of my own survival and those around me. I feel comfort and at peace. When you open your heard and soul, there will be a whole new world open to you."

- R.A., Avenal State Prison

Overcoming Addiction Course

"Studying the results of the short term and long term effects of drug use and alternative ways to conquer the use of drugs has assisted me in a long fought battle. I look forward to leading a drug free life of happiness and peace."

- B.L., C.S.P. Corcoran

The Way to Happiness Course

"The Way to Happiness" course has opened my eyes to a lot of things I've been neglecting. This course really makes you look at a lot of personal areas and the importance of making changes in your life style for the better. Personally, I've taken a lot of this in and have made changes to my life."

- S.M., Pelican Bay State Prison

Overcoming Addiction Course

"The "Overcoming Addiction" course provides a guide, complete with formulas, to therapeutic techniques that have proven to aid in lessening the effects of drug withdrawal symptoms. The coursed teaches a well rounded approach to the many problems, physical and psychological, an addict experiences during the course of their addiction, underlying causes of their addiction and withdrawal. The knowledge I have gained through this course is invaluable. Thank you."

- C.W.T., CSP-Solano Prison


You can supervise these correspondence courses from your home in an hour or two a week. In addition to changing the life of an inmate (and all the people the current system would send him out to victimize), I guarantee your own life will change! Get briefed further on this by E-mailing Criminon or calling (323) 254-6008.






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