Newsletter - Issue 39:

Catherine Bell

"CRIMINON WORKS! It is the only program that can and does restore self-respect and restores a criminal to an ethical and contributing member of society. I've seen the results for myself and I know that as a mother I want my child to grow up in a world without criminality and where the quality of life is guaranteed for all. I know it can be a tough job but we CAN turn lives around using the correct methods. CRIMINON also increases public safety and saves each country millions and millions of costs and victims. I myself am supervising an inmate in the program and see the results. That is why I support it 100 percent."

- Catherine Bell, Actress, Criminon Activist and Correspondence Supervisor

The Way to Happiness Course

"I found 'The Way to Happiness' course very informative and useful and it's precepts valid for use in any situation in life. Through this course, I have gained a better perspective on my life and those around me and by applying what I've learned, I find that the road of life, though uncertain and dangerous at times, can be traveled more successfully when you allow sound morals to direct your path. A person will only get out of life what they put into it . no deposit, no return! I'm glad I did 'The Way to Happiness' course. I'm a better man for doing so."

- D.R., Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

Learning Skills for Life Course

"Before the course I was like millions that learned things with my hands. I did not understand or remember the things that I read. This caused me to stop reading. I figured that there was no point in reading if I can't learn or enjoy a book.

"By doing this course (Learning Skills for Life Course) it helped me understand why I was having trouble. Before I would read or pass a words that I did not understand or know. I would depend on the words around or in the sentence. That only works sometimes. Other times you get the wrong meaning and don't grasp the concept of what you are reading. So that was causing me to lose interest in what I was reading or studying. Now I take a little time in looking up the words I do not know and it is helping me greatly in my studies. All I have to say is "Try it."

- T.V., Avenal State Prison, CA

The Way to Happiness Course

"The Way to Happiness" course has allowed me to take a look into myself. This course has also helped me to identify with the dysfunctional thinking I have and showed me ways to change my thinking process."

- R.B., BCF, Colorado

Learning Skills for Life Course

"This course helped me break the barriers to learn and understand words in a way I never knew and in learning that I have noted a change in my study. Not only am I able to use it through the Criminon courses but in everything else I am studying. Thanks Criminon!"

- L.A., Centinela State Prison, CA


You can supervise these correspondence courses from your home in an hour or two a week. In addition to changing the life of an inmate (and all the people the current system would send him out to victimize), I guarantee your own life will change! Get briefed further on this by E-mailing Criminon or calling (323) 254-6008.






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