The Way to Happiness ® Book

A Common Sense Guide To A Happier, More Successful Life


The Way To Happiness...

  • Provides an Individual
    the practical guidelines needed to intelligently steer one's way down the road to a happy, successful life.

  • Provides any group
    the fundamental agreements necessary for success and harmonious cooperation between group members -- be that a couple, a family, a business, a community, nation or mankind!

  • Appropriate To Modern Times
    Readers find that The Way to Happiness truly makes sense and applies to real life.

  • Easy to Read and Understand
    The Way to Happiness is an easy to learn and easy to teach tool to help oneself, a child, a student -- or anyone!

  • Covers 21 Essential Topics...

  • Appropriate to Anyone and Any Culture
    With over 60 million copies in print in 38 languages, The Way to Happiness book is the most widely read book on the subject of happiness in the world!

  • A World-Wide Campaign to Create a Better Future
    Used by parents, businesses, schools and community groups, this book has formed the basis for a worldwide campaign to create a better future for youth and society through restoring respect, honesty and trust.







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